College Day at Stone Hart Gun Club and Indoor Range

Every Tuesday is College Day at Stone Hart [CURRENTLY SUSPENDED]

Hey college students, are you looking for a Study Break? Come to Stone Hart’s Gun Club & Indoor Range on Tuesdays to save money as you get rid of that post exam stress, pre-exam stress, for your next date night, or just to have a good time. While we’re partial to our local South Florida universities, we have been known to let Gators, Seminoles, and even out of state students who are in town participate in this special weekly offer.  Every Tuesday is College Day and all day, college students who present a valid school ID are eligible for the following special package.

$29.99 College Day Special Includes:

  • 1 Shared Lane (for one hour)
  • 1 .22 LR Pistol Rental
  • 1 Box of .22 LR ammunition (50 rounds)
  • 2 Blue Silhouette Paper Targets
  • 2 Sets of Standard Ear Protection
  • 2 Sets of Shooting Glasses
  • Beginners Safety Walkthrough
  • Upgrade to 9mm for only $10.00 more.

For those of you in fraternities, sororities, or other college clubs, consider having one of your next social events at our range. We can even rent one of our entire range spaces for your group with advance notice. Call us and ask to speak with a manager for details and pricing.