Every year there are a few “This is the First” time events and come up. Here they are…

-First time in memory to hunt pre-rut and rut in the same 7 days
-First time I harvested two deer on opening day
-First time I hunt deer with a bolt action rifle in .308
-First time I confirmed a one shot kill at 100y, 200y and 300y
-First time I let 6 deer pass as I searched for a mature buck

A very special thanks to Jonathan Owen of SHWAT – Special Hunting Weapons And Tactics. He connected me with U.S. Optics Academy which held a long-distance rifle course at ALTAIR Training Solutions, Inc. last December. The training and connections made inspired me to go long distance. Prior to this year, the furthest I’d harvested a deer was 50y. The 300y shot taken on Monday morning cemented a 600% increase and it was a perfect shot too.

Thank you to my sponsors, business partners, instructors, friends and family for all your encouragement in 2016. Have a fantastic holiday season and we’ll do it again in 2017.

Sincerely, E