Frequently Asked Questions at Stone Hart Gun Club & Indoor Range in Miami, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions at Stone Hart

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions at Stone Hart’s Gun Club and Gun Range. If you have any other questions that have not been addressed or answered here, please feel free to call us or message us via the web form on the contact us page. Our professional staff comprising of firearm experts and gun instructors is some of the most experienced in the South Florida market.

Memberships may be purchased either in person or on our website under Product Categories and “Club Membership”.
No, membership is not a requirement to use the range. However, frequent shooters will probably want to become a member in order to enjoy reduced rates, be eligible for discounts on select products and services and attend “Member Only” events. Check out our Range & Membership Rates to see the benefits of each membership level.
For non-members, it’s $18 an hour. If you bring someone with you to shoot in the same lane, the second person shoots for $9.
No, we have firearms available for rental. The cost is $15 for handguns and $20 for rifles.
No, there is no charge to bring your own ammunition. However, we do have ammunition available for sale in our showroom.

A wide range of ammunition may be used in our range. Wolf, Golden Bear, and Tulammo brands are allowed (may be shot by handguns or rifles). Shotguns are permitted with slugs / 00 buck, but no birdshot. Tracer rounds, incendiary rounds, and tungsten steel rounds are not allowed.

The maximum is 44 magnum for the pistol range and .300 Winchester Magnum in the rifle range.
Yes, individuals who are part of these groups are eligible for either a 10% discount on any membership level, or, for those who choose not to become members they can shoot at a rate of $15/hour.
No. We do encourage you though to take a Safety Class with one of our instructors before shooting for the first time. We have FREE Safety Classes available for first time shooters. Please call us at 305-255-4884 to find out when the next available class is and to reserve your spot. We also have instructors available for private lessons if you require a more personal setting.
If you are a US citizen, you will need a valid Florida driver’s license. If you are a legal resident, you will need to bring your resident card and if you have a hunting permit, bring that as well. In either case, you will have to complete a 4473 form (Firearms Transaction Record) and complete a background check.

If you have a valid concealed firearm license, you do not have to wait. Otherwise, there is a waiting period of five working days for a handgun or a rifle.

Twenty-one (21) years old is the minimum age to buy a RIFLE or HANDGUN.

You need to be 21 years old to buy handgun or rifle ammunition.

Yes, you need to ask the seller to send it to a FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder of your preference. We would be happy to be your FFL of choice and to assist in the transfer process.
Yes. Call us or come and see us for details.
Yes, but only to those who have the necessary documentation to do it legally.
One of the requirements is to have taken a class from a certified NRA instructor and obtain a certificate of approval. We offer such classes.  A pre-requisite is knowledge of basic firearms safety, and we offer free classes that cover this. After taking the Concealed Weapons class, one must apply for the license with the State of Florida. This can be done via mail or in person at a regional office of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Licensing. For more information from the state of Florida, visit their website!!!
Different states have different laws. Check with your local police department or sheriff’s office as to the laws in your area. Do not carry a concealed weapon unless you have a valid concealed carry permit.
Are you looking for a gun for personal protection, target practice, or for competitive shooting? Stop by our store and we will be happy to provide advice and guidance to help you find a firearm that meets your personal needs.
Stone Hart has relaxed rules for qualified shooters that will allow for “rapid” fire and holster draws from approved holsters. We respectfully request that any shooters wanting to participate with the relaxed shooting rules first qualify for a “Red/Green Code” (Rapid Fire Only) or full “Green Code” (Rapid Fire and Holster Draw) evaluation. This evaluation is only required once. Each evaluation will have a nominal fee of $10.00 for Red/Green Code or $15.00 for Green Code. To see sample evaluation forms, click the below links:

  1. Rapid Fire Only Evaluation Checklist
  2. Rapid Fire and Holster Draw Evaluation Checklist
We welcome international tourists to our facility. You may rent a firearm and use our range but must present a valid passport or government issued identification. The same age requirements apply to everyone equally.
Due to safety concerns, we require that all customers observe a No Concealed Carry policy in our facility.   We respect the rights of our concealed carry community and will continue to promote this option for shooters through our wide range of classes.

Outside instructors must have an instructor license and insurance properly endorsed to Stone Hart’s Gun Club & Indoor Range in order to work with their students in our range.