Bowling Pin Shooting – By Reservation Only

Bowling pin shooting is available for group reservations only. Call us to schedule bowling pin shooting for your next corporate event, party, or group of friends.  Below is our typical format.

  • Distance: 20 yards
  • Pin Types: 8 full-size bowling pins (per table)
  • Pin Tables: 36″ to 40″ high, 6′ wide, 6″ deep
  • Pin Setup: Pins are set up in a row across with 3-4″ between each pin


  • Two shooters will shoot in each relay (minimum of 3 relays).
  • Each shooter will be individually timed and scored for each relay.
  • All 3 relay scores will be tabulated for best overall score.
  • Shooters have a maximum of one minute to knock down as many pins as they can, using a single magazine of 10 rounds. Each pin left standing is a 10 second penalty added to your score/time. Each extra round left unfired is a 1 second deduction from your time.
  • Shooters will be instructed to “load and make ready” by the RO/Referee and place the loaded pistol on the stall/booth shelf.
  • RO/Referee will ask “are shooters ready?” (shooters will nod to confirm)
  • RO/Referee will announce to “Stand by,” followed by the “Fire” command or audible horn.
  • The “Fire” command will indicate to shooters to safely pick up the pistols and engage targets (bowling pins).
  • Time will start on “Fire” command.
  • At conclusion of round RO/Referee will announce for all shooters to “Cease Fire, unload and with actions open.”


  • High velocity, high grain bullets are recommended (9mm minimum).
  • Currently there is no pistol type or power class (all types and power factors welcome).
  • Expect to shoot between 30 and 40 rounds total.
  • No holsters.
  • Please be sure to bring a small range bag to store your weapon in between relays