THE SHOOTING CLUB Smartphone Shooting App

Do you want to go target shooting with your friends and family but they live miles away? Do you want to test your skills against groups of people in your area but not want to have to wait for a formal organized competition? Are you interested in winning prizes? Your solution is here. Stone Hart’s Gun Club & Indoor Range is your Miami Headquarters for THE SHOOTING CLUB Smartphone Marksman App.

First go to the either the Apple Store or Google Play store and download THE SHOOTING CLUB App. Then have your friends or family do the same. Be sure to join the group for Stone Hart’s Gun Club & Indoor Range, and create additional groups for your friends as you like. Follow the instructions in the app and use the special THE SHOOTING CLUB App targets that are conveniently available individually at Stone Hart’s Gun Club & Indoor Range. If your friends aren’t near a range that carries these targets, they are available in packs of ten or twenty on Amazon. After shooting the targets, record your score electronically using your smartphone and the app.

THE SHOOTING CLUB Smartphone Marksman App allow you to virtually engage anyone around the world in a target shooting contest. Participants will also have a chance to compete for cash and prizes awarded by THE SHOOTING CLUB app.